Family Healthcare holds contracts with most private insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid MCOs. This includes all plans that are offered through the Maryland Health Connection. If you don’t have insurance coverage, we can work out a plan for you. 

We will gladly help you find out if we accept your insurance plan. Give us a call at 301-745-3777.

Please Note: No matter insurance coverage, we ask ALL dental patients to complete Financial Forms to be eligible for the Sliding Fee Program, regardless of insurance coverage. Why? We have a Sliding Fee Program that may allow patients to receive dental services at a discounted rate. Eligibility for the Sliding Fee Program is based on annually revised Federal Poverty Levels (FPLs). In order to apply, you will need to bring proofs of annual income along with a completed copy of the application that is located below. In order to continue receiving the Sliding Fee Discount, an application must be completed annually. For questions about the sliding fee scale or application process, call 301-393-3467.

The following links will provide you the financial forms to apply for our Sliding Fee Program:

Finally, Our Outreach Workers are available to assist patients in finding community resources to address not only health insurance needs but also other needs like housing and transportation. Just call or ask to speak with one of them.