Located in the City of Hagerstown in semi-rural Washington County of Western Maryland, Family Healthcare of Hagerstown (FHH) is a private, non-profit community health center providing quality healthcare services for families and individuals at every life stage. 

Because we believe in caring for “the whole person”, We have created a “patient centered medical home” that allows patients to receive many services under one roof: primary care, mental health services, dental care, lab and pharmacy services, case management, group and individual education, and much more.

Our mission – to promote a healthy community by providing affordable, accessible and compassionate healthcare to individuals and families of all ages, races and economic backgrounds – drives us each and every day. You can be assured that when you come to FHH, you receive more than medical attention and clinical services. You receive personalized, integrated, collaborative care and treatment. We believe that patients should be an active part of their care so we want patients to really understand their treatment and care. We will take time to educate and empower you.

Our roots run deep – in the early 1990s, members of the medical community in Washington County joined together in an effort to bring affordable healthcare services to residents of downtown Hagerstown. The community health center that they founded was recognized in 2003 as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) under the name Walnut Street Community Health Center. In 2015 the Center relocated to South Cleveland Avenue in downtown Hagerstown doing business as Family Healthcare of Hagerstown.

To best serve our patients, FHH is a participating provider with most major insurance companies; this includes Medicare and Medicaid MCOs. We also have a Financial Assistance Program for all patients regardless of inability to pay and we offer a Sliding Fee Discount based on family size and total family income.

The Center is a 501©(3) private, non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, the majority of who are Family Healthcare patients.



    David Olson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Fahmi Fahmi

    Medical Director


    Darlene Valentine

    Patient Access Manager


    David Becker

    Chief Financial Officer


    Dr. Sarma Metz

    Dental Director

    Debora Mejia

    Dental Supervisor

    Lyn Carter

    Operations Director

    Valencia Wallech

    Clinical Supervisor

    Patrick Burtch

    Facilities Manager


    Dr. Martha Riggle

    Quality Assurance Director

    Gerry McCarney

    Behavioral Health Director

    Stephanie Propps

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Board of Directors

    • Kristine Gaddis, President

    • Diane Kline, Secretary

    • Jason Knode, Treasurer

    • Jerred Brown

    • Leslie Rockwell

    • David Shuster

    • Melissa Minotti

    • Dora Wallace

    • Kristen Larrison

    David Olson, Chief Executive Officer explains the greatest strength of Family Healthcare of Hagerstown.

    “We want to connect with people.  When you really get down to it, healthcare is not about pills, surgeries or tests, its about relationships.  Because if you don’t establish that, if people don’t truly feel you care about them, we will never achieve that kind of wellness their looking for and that we are looking to have.”